Professional Tree Service: Why Should I Hire a Professional Tree Trimmer?

When was the last time somebody pruned your trees? They’re due for a trimming if it’s been a few years.

Mature trees typically need to be trimmed every three to five years. Regular trimming will help remove dead, diseased, and drying branches before they lead to safety issues. Tree pruning will also improve your curb appeal.

Don’t attempt to trim your trees yourself, though. A professional tree service will have arborists who can professionally cut your trees. Let’s explore why you should hire this service.

Professional Tree Service Experience

A top reason to hire a professional tree trimmer is that they have more knowledge than the average homeowner about tree care. They can pinpoint hidden tree diseases and hazards to determine which branches require trimming, even if the tree limbs look fine. Common tree health issues include the following:

  • Leaf rust (fungal disease)
  • Witches’ broom (tree growth)
  • Mildew (another kind of fungus)

Leaf rust causes red, yellow, or orange spots on leaves containing spores. The spores may infect other plants when water or wind spread them throughout your yard.

Witches’ broom looks like branches and twigs that form a shape resembling a broom. This strange growth may affect your plant’s appearance and health. Multiple factors might cause witch’s broom, including the following:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mites
  • Insects
  • Fungi

Mildew typically looks like a gray or white coating on fruits, buds, stems, or leaves. This fungus can decrease your trees’ beauty, vigor, and growth. The following types of trees are prone to experiencing mildew issues:

  • Oak
  • Catalpa
  • Crabapple
  • Magnolia
  • Dogwood
  • Maple

Your tree service company will know how to treat the above-listed problems and save your trees. What if your yard’s trees don’t have health problems? A professional can prune them to foster their expansion, strength, and longevity.

Avoiding Legal Problems

Reputable tree trimmers stay on top of local laws. Local authorities generally prohibit cutting and trimming trees beyond your property line. Doing this without the neighbor’s permission may lead to a fine ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on your local or state ordinances.

Your local court might even require you to cover the cost of replacing a tree you illegally removed from a neighbor’s property. You might also face vandalism or trespassing charges for entering or damaging their property.

Some cities require people to get approval or permits before cutting or removing trees. Others regulate which changes homeowners may make to their properties. Hiring a professional trimming service can help you comply with these laws and prevent related legal problems.

Appropriate Cutting Tools

Another reason to hire a tree trimming service is that they know which tools are needed to cut trees efficiently. Their tools may include hedge shears and pole pruners. Here are some other items they might use:

  • Pruning saw
  • Pruning shear
  • Chainsaw
  • Climbing Gear & Aerial Lift

Buying these supplies yourself can be costly, and not using them correctly may create hazardous situations and damage your trees. Training is necessary to operate pruning and trimming tools. Save yourself equipment costs, the hassle of undergoing training, and the stress of completing this dangerous task by hiring a professional to handle your tree trimming.

Time Savings

Hiring a tree trimmer will also save you the time and effort to prune your trees. This means you can focus on other tasks, like gardening or renovating your home.

A professional tree trimmer will make even complicated tree-trimming tasks look simple. They’ll also quickly eliminate the mess they make, leaving you with a beautiful yard.

Increased Safety

A professional tree trimming service is the safest way to maintain your trees. They’ll use protective gear (e.g., hard hats) to complete the job safely and follow best practices to keep you and your family, property, and pets safe.

Routine pruning will help prevent tree limbs from growing close to your house and damaging your roof or siding. Trimming will also keep tree limbs from hanging over your driveway.

This is important because heavy limbs may fall and injure family members or guests, especially during a major storm. You might struggle to drive or walk beneath them, too.

Suppose your backyard or front yard has underground sewage, water, or gas pipes. Hire a tree trimming service to remove dead or dying trees there so their roots don’t damage these pipes.

What if electrical wiring is near the tree you’re trimming? You could get shocked if you’re not careful. An expert tree trimmer can prevent this.

Relying on a professional will keep you from climbing to trim branches, too. You won’t have to worry about falling or causing a branch to fall on someone passing by and causing them harm.

Remember that a reputable tree trimming company carries worker’s compensation and liability insurance. This will help protect you from being legally responsible for any injuries or damage during tree trimming.

Healthier And More Attractive Landscape

Professional tree trimming will help your trees grow stronger roots, produce healthy branches, and endure severe weather. This will beautify your landscape design. It also offers the following benefits:

  • Improving your property’s air quality
  • Reducing run-off
  • Providing shade

Do you plan to sell your house? Let a professional trimmer make your trees look tidy by shaping them correctly and removing branches to enhance the view.

Pruning trees near your home’s windows may even let more sunlight into the home, brightening the space. This may further attract possible homebuyers and boost your home’s resale value.

Ask your prospective tree trimmer about their services besides tree inspection, maintenance, trimming, and removal. They might help with landscaping and stump grinding.

How We Can Help With Tree Trimming

A professional tree service company has the experience to correctly and safely remove or prune your yard’s trees. They’ll save you time and help you create a more attractive, welcoming yard.

Tree-Line Arbor Care, LLC, offers high-quality tree removal and pruning services. Our other services range from land clearing to stump grinding and emergency services. Get a complimentary estimate for your project by contacting us today!