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How Are Lots Cleared? A Lot Clearing Guide

Lot clearing is the first step towards living on the property of your dreams, but so many future homeowners dive straight into this project without understanding the actual process. This can lead to unexpected costs and delays down the line. Don’t let this mistake happen to you!

If you’re looking at lot clearing services near me, it’s important to be as educated as possible about the entire process. That’s why we’ve put together this complete guide to lot clearing. In this article, we will detail exactly how lots are cleared and graded for construction. Then, we’ll go over the cost of lot clearing so that you can make the smartest possible decisions about your project.

How Are Lots Cleared?

The overall goal of lot clearing is to survey a plot of land, compare it to construction blueprints and get it ready for construction. The first step in any lot clearing project is to prepare the site. Professionals begin by making a project plan for exactly how much clearing and grading the land needs. This also involves identifying property boundaries and underground utilities. The next step is clearing away large rocks and vegetation. This requires the use of specialized equipment such as excavators and compact track loaders.

There are a few specific obstacles that lot clearing professionals typically deal with. Tree stumps are a major one. They will either grind tree stumps down to the level of the soil so that they won’t obstruct further work on the land, or they will remove the stump from the ground entirely.

On many properties, tree stump removal involves working around underground pipes, wires, gas lines, and irrigation lines. That’s why it’s so important to hire experienced professionals to get a clear lot. Tree removal is the next step of lot clearing services. This doesn’t mean indiscriminately chopping down every tree on the site. Instead, tree professionals collaborate with landowners to select which trees to keep and which ones to remove.

Collaborating with your lot clearers helps maintain the natural beauty of your property. But remember, it takes specific equipment and a high level of expertise to ensure that the trees and shrubs you want to keep aren’t damaged in the removal process. That’s why it’s so important to work with a small business whose workers pride themselves on doing an excellent job every time.

Grading A Lot

The next step in lot clearing services is to grade the property. This involves many different processes including filling in any holes and leveling out the ground. Sometimes, grading includes the installation of erosion prevention and drainage control systems. This ensures that the land holds up over time. Septic systems and wells may also be installed during this step. Grading can also include building an access road on the property. Connecting the site to electricity, water, natural gas, and other utilities also occurs during grading.

Sometimes construction workers will dig a basement or foundation during the grading process. Also, if there are other buildings standing on the property that the owners no longer want, those structures will be demolished. Sometimes, acquiring building or construction permits can slow this process down. Unexpected permits can also add new fees to the site prep costs. Make sure you research your local and state laws to determine exactly what permits you need before the project begins. After the land grading process is complete, construction can begin.

How Much Does Lot Clearing Cost?

So how much does lot clearing near me cost? The final cost of land clearing varies greatly depending on the nature of the land and what exactly you’re having done. The average cost to clear and prepare land for construction in the US is about $2,581. Homeowners can expect to pay between $1,266 and $3,900 or $1.18 to $2 per square foot to clear and prep their lot. Small-scale projects that don’t require extensive land clearing and grading average around $563. Landowners with significant acreage that needs a lot of work done on it can pay up to $8,313 or more.

If you remove the price of grading from the equation, the average cost to clear a lightly forested plot is typically $733 to $2,333 per acre. The average price to clear a heavily forested area is $3,395 to $6,155 per acre. All lot clearing projects are different and it is advisable to request a free estimate from the team at Tree-Line Arbor Care. You can fill out our online estimate form https://treelinearborcare.com/get-an-estimate/ or call us directly at 229-886-5951.

Additional Expenses

Working with utilities that are far away from the construction site also adds to the final cost. And if your previous land survey is out of date, you’ll need to pay for a new one. Don’t worry if these costs seem overwhelming. At Tree-Line Arbor Care, we’re happy to put together a package for you that bundles together the cost of labor, equipment, and any other expenses. Our prices aren’t always the cheapest in town. But the high quality of our work, our knowledge of specialized equipment, and the care we put into every project make our services a wise investment.

Find Lot Clearing Services Near Me

Lot clearing is the first step to living on the property of your dreams. It’s an involved process that requires specialized equipment.
Now that you know all the steps to lot clearing, plus how much clearing a lot generally costs, you can make smart decisions about your own project. At Tree-Line Arbor Care we pride ourselves on offering the best lot clearing services in Georgia. Check out our services today to see how we can help you get your lot ready for construction.